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To make a one-time donation: Support the Statement of Purpose below and click “Submit and Proceed to Donate”. You will be taken to PayPal where you can donate by credit card. You can also mail a check or money order (payable to SMRR; no cash please) to:  SMRR, 2633 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 513, Santa Monica, CA 90405. 

SMRR Statement of Purpose – Since 1979

SMRR is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the unique quality of life for all residents in the City of Santa Monica. In order to achieve this goal, we resolve:

1. To support and defend local rent control laws.
2. To run campaigns to elect progressive candidates to local offices.
3. To support progressive public officials and promote accountability to the public by public officials.
4. To open the democratic process to all citizens without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or political belief.
5. To seek to improve social services including child care and services for the elderly.
6. To improve and increase open space.
7. To support planned growth while protecting neighborhoods from overdevelopment.
8. To increase and improve access to affordable housing for persons of limited income.
9. To enhance the safety of residents and reduce crime.
10. To increase public participation in government by supporting community organizations.
11. To support efforts to ensure a safe and clean environment.
12. To improve the educational opportunities for all age levels.
13. To support human rights including reproductive rights.

Donations are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes.

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