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SMRR 2023 Annual Convention

At the SMRR 2023 Annual Convention on November 5th the membership elected a Steering Committee to guide the organization for the next two years. Members elected to the committee are: Denny Zane (Co-Chair), Michael Soloff (Co-Chair), Kay Ambriz, Maria Cortez, Patricia Hoffman, Jennifer Kennedy , Cristina Navarro, Ellis Raskin, Linda Sullivan, Sonya Sultan, and Michael Tarbet.

The membership also heard presentations and updates about the Justice for Renters Act, the Barrington Plaza tenant evictions, and the Unite Here Local 11 hotel workers strike.

SMRR relies on members like you to join with us in support of renters’ rights, affordable housing, strong environmental policies, and smart but not excessive growth. With your help we can protect and enhance our vibrant, diverse community’s future. Please join us again at our next convention.

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