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We Did It: Renter Protections Expanded in Santa Monica!

Update Regarding SMRR’s Call to Action on August 22:

Thank you for taking the time to write to City Councilmembers in August and urge them to support the expansion of renter protections in Santa Monica. Good news: Renter protections were expanded!

Council directed their staff to implement ordinances that will do the following: 

  • prevent eviction for non-payment of rent when less than one month’s rent is delinquent;
  • mandate relocation assistance when extreme rent increases cause eviction;
  • increase oversight of tenant buyout agreements.

Additionally, Councilmembers asked staff to return with a plan to:

  • establish a right to a subsidized counsel program for renters facing eviction;
  • create a rental registry for all units in the city.

The proposal by Councilmember Caroline Torosis comes after new tenant protections that have been recently enacted by both the City of Los Angeles and the County of Los Angeles.  Now, Santa Monica is on its way to meeting or exceeding these tenant protections here in Santa Monica for our renter community. SMRR leadership, and so many of you, supported this proposal and we will continue to stay involved as it is implemented. 

Thank you for your support of one another and our community.

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