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35 Years of Progressive Leadership

By Roger Thornton, SMRR Treasurer

Thirty-five years ago on April 10, 1979 Santa Monica voters passed the Santa Monica Rent Control Charter Amendment. SMRR created the Rent Control initiative, obtained the necessary signatures to get it on the April 10 municipal ballot, and ran the electoral campaign to get it passed. SMRR also supported and elected two candidates for the City Council.

Time and again in the ensuing years SMRR and its members have rallied to defeat challenges to rent control, to protect tenants from harassment, and to support the rights of all residents to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

SMRR is a living evolving organization of people committed to the idea of a Santa Monica which serves the needs and aspirations of all its residents. For 35 years SMRR members have been active participants in Santa Monica’s civic and political life. 

Our activists and volunteers have been an intelligent, engaged, dedicated, and determined counterweight to the big bucks that have been spent against us. 

SMRR’s strength is dependent on the commitment of our members. Therefore, you have a critical role to play as no effort is too small and every contribution is significant.

Please renew your membership for 2014 and if you are able, increase your donation. Huge amounts of money will be spent to challenge our vision and our candidates.

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