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Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights is a political group founded in 1979 when SMRR won passage of one of the nation’s strongest rent control laws. Over the years SMRR has diligently protected Rent Control against numerous attacks. In 1986 a landlord lawsuit to overturn Santa Monica Rent Control reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which upheld our Rent Control Law by an 8-1 vote. SMRR works to protect Rent Control by electing pro rent control candidates to Santa Monica Government. SMRR members choose which candidates to back. Then, SMRR volunteers & staff knock on doors, use mail & online media, and network with other community groups to get our message out to Santa Monica’s 68,000 voters. For most of the past 40 years SMRR held a majority on City Council and has always had a super majority on the Rent Control Board. SMRR candidates have also held majorities on the SMMUSD School Board and Community College Board. 

Volunteering with SMRR during election season is a community-driven, grassroots activity! The campaign headquarters is a friendly, busy place. Volunteers come and go with their walk assignments, or make phone calls to voters, and report back at the end of their shifts. Volunteers play an important role in the SMRR organization by helping to spread the word throughout the community about SMRR ballot recommendations, and in turn help to create a vibrant, livable Santa Monica.

In 2022, Measure RC is particularly important. Measure RC will allow residents to vote to reduce this year’s annual rent adjustment from 6% to an average of 3% for the year, and it will cap future rent adjustments at 3%. SMRR and the Rent Control Board recognized that the 6% rent control annual rent adjustment was just too much for many renters and took action along with 1000+ renters who spoke up to Council and helped to get it on the ballot. A 6% increase in rent is unsustainable for many seniors, individuals, and low-income families. If this measure passes, it will give relief to thousands of renters and help them stay in their homes and communities. 

The full list of SMRR Ballot Recommendations, which includes our council candidates Ellis Raskin, Caroline Torosis and Jesse Zwick, and Yes on GS, can be found at:

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