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The Stakes Are High At The Convention

By Denny Zane, SMRR Co-Chair

At the November 14th SMRR Convention, the future of SMRR and the future of our community are on the line.

On November 14 at 1:00 pm – mark your calendars – the SMRR convention on Zoom to elect Steering Committee members will take place.

Pro-development groups are counting on our longtime members to not attend so their allies can join and try to elect members softer on development. They think we are all too weary from the COVID pandemic to care about our city.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind what would have happened in Santa Monica over the past 40 years if SMRR leadership had not been strong and had not won a majority on the Santa Monica City Council.

OMG!! You wouldn’t recognize our city. Developers would have had their way in the city, just like they did when we lost our majority to developer-backed candidates from 1984 to 1988. They wasted no time in getting approval for giant commercial developments – like the Water Gardens and multiple large luxury hotels.

That is what is at stake at every election. That’s why SMRR Steering Committee elections are so important.

Join us online with your cell phone, tablet or laptop – so we can elect people who will continue to fight to protect renters’ rights and our affordable housing program, but against excessive development.

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